Dunlo Recreational Track

For an alternative to on road, why not visit the Dunlo Recreational outdoor track. The track comprises of a 6-lane 400m oval, with an 8-lane 100m sprint lane. The track system is constructed in accordance with IAAF Guidelines and consists of a 10 to 12mm rubber crumb base mate of polyurethane bound rubber granules, and a 2-4mm fine crumb structural spray layer comprising EPDM granules in polyurethane liquor. These systems are used in athletics tracks all over the world to ensure consistency for competition facilities.
The track also includes an Outdoor Gym installation which was the Fit Towns first legacy project following its success in 2016 in partnership with Galway Sports Partnership, Galway County Council and the National Sports Capital Programme.

The use of the Outdoor Gym facility is intended to complement the adjacent running/walking track and offers a range of exercise stations including wheelchair accessible exercise stations. It is made up of eleven exercise stations which includes a walker, cross-trainer, bicycle, stepper, chest press, hand cycle, arm stretch, chin-up bars, leg press and rower which offers users the opportunity to avail of eighteen exercises targeting different areas of the body.

For current timetable please visit Galway County Councils website by clicking here.